Silver Spring Roof Repair

Silver Spring Roof Repair

Silver Spring Roof Repair – At present time we are a full-service Roofing Services Company that specializes in both residential and commercial projects. And the work that we perform is always done efficiently because we are highly skilled and certified. Which means that we provide our customers with the best services no matter how big or how small the job may be. Another great thing that is great about us is that we handle all roofing services, from FREE estimates to new roofing installations and repairs.

We specialize in all areas of commercial installations, new constructions, and the removal of and replacement of the existing roof. We are a Roofing Services Company that is established in Silver Spring, Maryland where we have been servicing customers in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC for many years.

If you’re looking into installing a new roof or just need to fix the one you currently have, give Roofing Services LLC a call and become our next customer.

Our Roofing Services:

  • Commercial Roofing in Maryland
  • Residential Roofing in Maryland
  • Re-Roofing for Your Home or Business
  • Roof Maintenance
  • New Construction Roofs
  • Storm Damage (Hail, Wind, Debris, etc)


Shingles will always come in an extensive variety of colors. Now the composition roofs can be overlaid with a new roof if the initial roof is a single layer and in good condition. Though the life expectancy of composition shingles depends on the quality and ranges from 10 to 30 years. The only issue with this or the most common problems and prolongation issues occur when the roof installation did not include sufficient venting and/or flashing. Another thing that requires attention is moss buildup, it needs to be controlled to prevent damage to the shingles.

Manassas Roof Repair
Manassas Roof Repair

TILE SHINGLES – Silver Spring Roof Repair

As for tile shingles, because air circulates underneath, they make your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, cutting energy bills. Another factor to take into account is that this planet-friendly material has no chemical preservatives and can be recycled. And since each tile is laid individually, it’s easy to repair. Yet the best thing about tile shingles is that they could last for over 200 years.

image of slate shingles

Slate Shingles


Slate roofing has been around for hundreds of years, and it is one of the most beautiful roofing materials featured on many of the greatest landmarks. Also, it is one of the most weather-resistant options you can put on your roof. Another great thing is that there are natural variations in color, pattern and edge shape give slate an organic and tactile quality that’s simply unmatched.

image of metal roofing

Metal Roof


Typically manufactured from steel, aluminum or copper, metal roofing offers homeowners the chance to choose from a multitude of colors and textures. Standing-seam steel roofing is the most popular residential metal roofing today.

image of wood shakes and shingles

Wood Shakes & Shingles


Cedar or redwood roofing, be it shingles or shakes, add natural beauty to your home. Also, they are a mid-range roofing option that’s more expensive than asphalt but not as high-end as tile or slate.

What’s the difference between Shakes and Shingles?
Wood Shakes are thicker than wood shingles.

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